• Which Android devices are supported?

    Android phones and tablets running Android 7 or higher.

    Android TV devices running Android 7 or higher, including.

    Sony, Hisense, JVC, Skyworth, Toshiba, Panasonic, TCL, Haier, and many other leading television manufacturers all offer smart TV models running on Android TV OS 7 or newer.

    Check carefully before purchasing as these brands could also have models that use their own proprietary operating systems which do not support Showmax apps.

    There are also many different media boxes available (some better than others) that run on the Android TV operating system – if it runs on Android 4.4.0 and newer, is not rooted, and has decent DRM (Digital Rights Management) support, it should* support Showmax.

    *We are not able to test Showmax apps on every single device on the market – so it’s best to do some research and check the above with the manufacturer before purchasing.

    You can easily check the version of Android on most devices by navigating to Settings > About. Note – this may vary from device to device.

    Tip: In any Android mobile, tablet, or Android TV device, look for the highest spec from well-known mainstream brands that run on a recent version of Android (8 or higher recommended).

    The device must not be rooted and must have proper DRM support.

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