• How fast does my Internet need to be to use Showmax?
  • Is there a limit to how much I watch?
  • What definition is the content available in?
  • Can I stream content lower than 720p?
  • Why can't I stream higher than 720p?
  • Can I limit the amount of data used?
  • I get an error saying that the service is unavailable in my country, why?
  • I get an error saying Showmax cannot be accessed through proxy or unblocking services. What should I do?
  • Why did I receive a message that my mobile device will no longer be compatible with the Showmax app? (PLA1019)

    Showmax aims to support as many devices as possible. However, with new technology being released all the time, it isn’t always possible to continue supporting some older phones and tablets. If you have recently received a message that your device will be or is no longer compatible with Showmax, try:

    • Making sure you have the latest version of the Showmax app
    • Installing newest version of the operating system available for your device

    Android: Google uses a digital rights management (DRM) platform to help combat piracy. If your device supports only Widevine Classic DRM, you won’t be able to stream or download content on that device from 31 July 2019, as Widevine Classic is being decommissioned. To check, go to Menu > About > Supported DRMs, and see if only Widevine Classic is listed.

    Apple: If your iOS version is earlier than 12.0, you won’t be able to download content on Showmax. However, you will still be able to stream content, even after 31 July 2019.

    For a list of supported devices, go here. https://faq.showmax.com/eng/help/za/introduction/3

  • What is High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection?
  • If I’m a member of the closed beta test group, where can I download the app for Huawei?

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