• What are Profiles?

    Using Profiles provides a simple way to:

    • Get personalised content based upon just what you are watching.
    • Find where you stopped watching a movie or series episode.
    • Bookmark movies and series that you want to watch later.
    • Ensure that content is suitable for the user age of the Profile.

    A subscriber to the Showmax service can have a total of 6 Profiles associated with their account.

    Profile 1

    This is the Profile for the account holder that first registered to the service and is associated with all billing and communication from Showmax. This Profile can be edited - but not deleted.

    Profile 2

    This is a pre-made Kids Profile for you to use. At default, it is set to display content for users 7-9 years old. This Profile can be edited or deleted by the main account holder.

    Profiles 3/4/5/6

    These 3 remaining Profiles can be created by anyone using the service. However, once created these Profiles can only be edited or deleted by the main account holder.

  • How do I create (or manage) a Profile?
  • How do I switch Profiles?

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