• Granting consent with creation of the Kids subprofile.
  • How I can remove consent of a Kids subprofile?

    You always have the choice not to withdraw the consent of a Kids subprofile and its related Kids personal data processing, however please note that without your consent we are not entitled to process Kids personal data and therefore we are required to erase any Kids subprofiles and related subprofile data.

    To withdraw your consent of a Kids subprofile and its related data processing, you will need to erase the particular Kids subprofile. The deletion of the profile is required due to the validity of your provided consent and the existence of the Kids subprofile being dependent on each other.

    To withdraw the specific consent of a Kids subprofile, please use the following procedure:

    1) Profile deletion can be actioned from the ’’Manage Profiles’’ section in the ‘Profiles’’ screen. This screen can be found either by:

    • Clicking on the user subprofile icon that is visible on the navigation.
    • When the ‘’Profiles’’ screen is automatically shown to you on entry or exit of certain areas of the service.

    2) Select the ’Manage Profiles’’ button.

    3) Enter your password.

    4) Select the kids subprofile you desire to delete.

    5) Select ‘’Delete’’.

    6) If you are 100% sure you wish to delete the subprofile and all its associated personal data processing - confirm by selecting ‘’Delete Profile’’.

    7) This subprofile has now been deleted.

  • Do I need to grant consent for each Kids subprofile and related Kids personal data processing?

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